Nissan Z35 Annoucement (Official)

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    Apr 5, 2018
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    Okay not 100% "official", as this was privately announced and I have been trying to disclose for weeks.

    As of January, the Nissan Z redesign programme Z35 was canceled and will no longer be redesigned. The Z34 will remain in production until 2021 at latest and then cease production for infinity. Infiniti will no longer have a unibody RWD architecture after 2021, so that was part of the decision making process.

    The R36 GT-R was canceled awhile back, so the R35 will be updated again for 2021. Nissan is abandoning rear-wheel drive outside of trucks and GT-R, so a new Z will never come. My info is official, so all rumours of a 400Z, 390Z, or 240Z are absolutely bunk and manufactured BS.

    Any info from Auto Car, is pretty much useless and is easily debunked, by how they failed to realize there is no 2018 Tokyo Motor Show, as said in their BS report. Pure clickbait.

    The Z35 project did enter planning back in 2011, targeted for MY2016 at earliest. Inability to create a sound business case and plain apathy towards the requirement to develop a new RWD architecture, hurt the chances the most. By the end of 2016, the final design that had been chosen by ex-design director Shiro Nakamura, was one of the best Nissan designs ever made.

    The car was to indeed go more upmarket and utilize the same VR twin turbo as the Q50 and Q60, tuned for more power output. That will no longer happen. I would have posted this sooner on the 25th of March, if my account had been activated sooner on the 370Z forum (lazy admin there still hasn't) and here as well.

    Please dismiss ALL rumours of a new Z from January to present, as my track record with Nissan-Infiniti is very good and I have heard this internally from multiple sources.

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